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Founded in 2003, the KW Center for Leadership is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth with the tools and opportunities necessary to become future leaders.


Get Out to Vote!

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The K.W. Lee Center for Leadership is officially partnered with Advancing Justice LA to run a Get Out To Vote Campaign.

The Your Vote Matters! Campaign is a project of the Advancing Justice – LA with the purpose of empowering, mobilizing, and protecting the rights of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Voters.

Advancing Justice - LA is a 501c3 non-partisan organization that does not advocate on behalf of parties or candidates.


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"Individually we are powerless and dysfunctional. YOU must be the generation to create a new value system -- one of community consciousness -- to break away from the past." -K.W. Lee


K.W. Lee Writings

By K. W. Lee

A TRIBE, A PEOPLE OR A NATION is likely known or judged by its heroes by whom it reveres above all others.
Such is Abraham Lincoln, an icon of all humanity beyond borders.
So are Korean diaspora pioneers Dosan Ahn Chang Ho (Island Mountain) and Charles Ho (Nobody) Kim who are now among the pantheons of not only Korean but American heroes.
These towering figures from our American heritage share one common trait: They couldn’t afford attending a day in college.

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